11 Great Reasons To Buy a New vs. Used Home


11 Great Reasons To Buy a New vs. Used Home

Whenever people need to move, whether it’s a job relocation or a move to another location, the option of buying a new home becomes an ideal option.

By today’s standards, buying your own new home offers more potential benefits rather than buying a used home on the resale market.
Here are 11 reasons why new homes dominate the real estate market and why.


1) Design Your Own Dream House
You have the freedom to choose everything that goes into your brand new home. Why settle for something only somewhat resembling what you want in your dream home? Customize a dream home yourself right now down to the fixtures and flooring. Instead of living with whatever design and options are in the resale market, select which type of carpets go in each room, what cabinets to use in the kitchen, and where to put the lighting in the bathroom. Your new home can reflect your own personal style.


2) Choose a Floor Plan and Layout to Fit Your Needs
No one knows what you need in a home more than you. Instead of letting someone determine the layout, finishes and features, take charge and see what upgrades are available that can be put in your new home. If you are the type of person that prefers to have a bedroom downstairs and the loft upstairs, it’s now totally possible. Expand the walk-in closets, install hot tub in the master bath, have high ceilings for the family room. When selecting upgraded finishes in your new home, almost anything is possible (you wouldn’t want rubber floors and plastic ceilings lol).

new home stairs woodwork

3) More Efficient Energy Savings
In an era of more stringent energy and code standards, new homes usually come equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and features such as better water heaters, advanced insulation and roofing methods of construction. Today’s new homes are far more efficient than even homes built only five years ago because of tighter building standards and practices. Many new homes can provide double or triple-pane windows, making them far more energy-saving than the drafty, single-pane windows in a used home and are hurricane proof! Special window coatings and inert gases between the glass layers are also available.


4) The Best New Products
Older houses usually don’t usually have new appliances like what new homes have. Sometimes, equipment in the older homes may already be broken or on their last legs. A new home comes with everything new. These new appliances are more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run, and also are built to last.


5) Healthier Living Conditions
Up-to-date technological equipment for air filtration and ventilation means that your home not only will be new and more efficient, but also provides a healthier environment. Clean air, a comfortable moisture level, no lingering odors are other advantages to buying a new home instead of a used house on the market.


6) Under Warranty
The new products also come in with the full warranty lifespan whether it is only a few years, at least 10 years, or even a lifetime. The roof, the appliances, the water heater all come not only with the latest designs, but also the best available warranties
Builders often take care of repair work for at least the first year as a form of warranty. That helps because sometimes a home inspection of a used home may not find hidden defects that gets found after a year or two of living in the home.


7) Low Maintenance
Today’s new homes are designed to minimize maintenance needs. Like cars and computers of today compared to 20 years ago, newly designed homes are simply more reliable. They are made from cutting-edge building material, such as composite products instead of wood, which cuts down on rot and a need to repair or repaint.
Another plus is that the latest building systems are engineered and designed to work together. Your new home gets inspected throughout it’s build phases and it’s nice to know that your home’s construction and engineering is being performed at the highest standard.


8) Community Amenities
Many new homes are built in lavish neighborhoods with resort-style community centers and clubhouses. Hiking trails, parks, and nearby shopping centers could be nearby. The neighborhood and immediate community itself likely is well-designed and filled with a balance of private and public areas such as playgrounds for children, pools, basketball courts, gym, etc.


9) Safety
The newest safety features become a standard on a new home. Whether it is state-of-the-art circuit breakers, electric car garages with infrared sensor, or high-efficiency a/c units and appliances, the need for safety shows up more prominently in a new home compared to a used one on the market.
New homes can also include safety features such as fire retardant on carpeting and insulation. Also, hard-wired smoke detectors are found on new homes. These run on electricity and have a battery backup if the power goes out. This prevents a situation from having detectors fail when batteries run out which is a major no-no when it comes to the safety of your family.


10) That New Home Feel
A used home either represents someone’s else home design dream or is a common builder’s floor plan. It reflects the choices and holds family memories of other people. There is never a new-home feel or the belief that house best represents you. A new home offers you a chance to put your fingerprints and your personality into it, creating a sense of connection to it.


11) Incentives
We saved the best for last… Did you know that most home builders offer incentives for using their preferred lender? Free Money!? Yes, it’s true. Most builders offer preferred lender incentives that can be used to go towards your closing costs, upgrades to the home and lot premiums. The average closing costs in South Florida are between 4% and 5%. Closing costs include prepaid items such as property taxes and insurance paid in advance for one year along with the general cost of transferring title from the builder to you. This is a huge opportunity for you to be able to buy your new home with as little money out of pocket as possible.

New homes offer the latest designs and styles, while coming with the latest technology and appliances. They offer a better lifestyle, more enjoyment, and less headaches than those used houses on the real estate market.

Knowing Your Home
Since you worked with the builder to design your new dream home, you have a good idea of what and how it was built. You know what you are getting in each room and with all of your finishes and upgrades. If there are further questions about the home once you move in, you have a direct line with the builder to get answers. This situation doesn’t occur with a used home where the builder is unknown or most probably not even around anymore.


Most new home builders have their own mortgage companies. This gives new home buyers an opportunity to sit with a mortgage consultant and discuss all of your financing options available. You’ll also receive some perks from the builder like incentives! Many builders offer to contribute towards your closing costs or give credits towards upgrades. That isn’t going to happen on a resale home.

So in a nutshell, new homes dominate when it comes to choosing whether to buy a new or used home. For the reasons listed above and many many more, falling in love with a new home is easier than you think.