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Twenty Five Years And Counting, with over 25 years of experience constructing premier Residential Communities and Luxury Homes throughout Florida, Legacy Homebuilders has placed itself among Florida’s premier builders. Over time, we’ve played a key function in creating lifestyle communities for families from all possible walks of life. At Legacy Homebuilders, we understand that there is a new home much more than simply bricks and mortar; it’s an expression of who you are and among the most significant purchases of your own life. In the words of our founder, “We take great pride in creating the most exciting and luxurious new homes imaginable, use the strictest construction practices and the highest quality materials, set them in vibrant neighborhoods and invite people to invest their dreams in them.” As one of South Florida’s highest Builders, we’ve got a great duty to turn our buyer’s dreams of homeownership into reality. Our assignment is to be the company homeowners can depend on during and after the sale and to be known as the builder who consistently makes high quality homes. We encourage everyone experience and to compare the difference in our craftsmanship along with our customer support. We take great pride in what we do and will continue to raise the bar by establishing the brand new industry standard in what homeowners should anticipate when making their most valuable investment.– Legacy HomeBuilders
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